is it possible ~*`lulu`*~ TTC since Jun 2011; 16 kids; Ontario 4784 posts
Jan 26th '13

So i went in for an ultrasound 2 weeks ago and they said they saw a few small follicles... does this mean I DO ovulate? Im so confused.... My blood work showed pcos signs but my ultrasound said they didnt find any pcos type cysts.So since there is follicles I should be able to concieve right??

Donna Jo Tanner 1 child; Beach Haven, New Jersey 6440 posts
Jan 26th '13

My ultrasound and MRI said no indication of pcos but they still diagnosed me with it and I definitely do. I have almost all the symptoms. And with pcos you do form follicles but they don't fully develope and shed or implant like ppl without it.

D❤L 2 kids; Sunnydale, CA, United States 2772 posts
Jan 26th '13

You can't diagnose PCOS with ultrasound alone. Some women with PCOS don't have cysts, I have PCOS but I don't have the cysts. They're actually getting ready to change the name of PCOS

Just because you have follicles doesn't mean you'll ovulate. The follicles need to grow and be mature enough to ovulate. Sometimes the follicles don't grow or they stop growing.. Did you take Clomid or other fertility treatments this cycle?