hip pain T♥B♥A Due June 27; 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Denver, CO, United States 12591 posts
Jan 26th '13

this started back in high school and pretty much my hips hurt from overuse like if i spend a whole day at disneyland walking around or have sex for too long they just hurt and ache really bad.. i was in physical therapy for it in high school but haven't been for quite a while(8 years? lol) lately when i wake up in the morning(right when i wake up) they hurt so bad i don't want to move and i want to cry.. i already do my best to sleep with a pillow or blankets between my knees but it's been getting much worse and i don't know what else to do.. i don't have health insurance so i can't really go see anyone and i'm just at a loss.. oh also it seems to have stayed the same after 2 kids, the youngest is 18 months and the pain has gotten worse in the past week or so and nothing has changed :?

Schmayder ♥ 1 child; Iowa 11769 posts
Jan 26th '13

Chiropractor!! I don't have health insurance either so I had to call around and find someone I could afford, and even then they were nice enough to let me make payments when I used to have to go quite a bit!! Helps sooo much. I get the exact same pain your talking about where my hips will be SO sore if I do anything out of the normal :(

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Jan 26th '13

I was the same way before I had surgery on both of them a couple years ago. I had dead cartilage around my bone that was causing the pain, and once it was removed it felt so much better. I'm sorry you are going through this pain, and especially without health insurance.

I still get pain once in a while but I try to stay with my physical therapy at home stretches, and I also do yoga.

Hope it gets better for you, I know how you feel!