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Jan 26th '13
Quoting Heeeeeey, Sexy lady. ;):" So, okay we all know that everywhere we go there is that slight chance that you might get hurt or something ... [snip!] ... her fault for putting herself out there knowing the risks? Just something I saw on Facebook, wanted to see other's opinions."

I was hired to take pictures at a rave when I was pregnant. I decided to still go since I was so early. I stayed away from the crowd and such. YET.... some f**king a*****e came up to me and shoved me. For no reason. I thought he bumped into me... no he took his hands, shoved my chest/stomach and LAUGHED. I said "What the f**k you a*****e, Im pregnant, get your f**king hands off of me!" He laughed, and slammed into me with his body to push me against the railing. The promoter saw him and kicked him out. You couldnt tell that I was pregnant so it was weird he randomly did that. I didnt go to any parties after that, it wasnt worth the risk!