Detoxifying my body user banned
Jan 26th '13

I plan on detoxing my body on Sunday with a detox bath and fasting. I'm sick of feeling like shit all the time. I plan on obviously drinking a ton of water but was wondering if plain was better or lemon water? Cucumber water? Tia

Skitti 17 kids; Grand Haven Charter Township, Michigan 1508 posts
Jan 26th '13

Well I know lemons help break down impurities. At least I've been told...

AmandaBee123 18 kids; Oak Island, North Carolina 5789 posts
Jan 26th '13

google the master cleanse... i heard its really good

user banned Altadena, California 11084 posts
Jan 26th '13

Detox bath?

I don't like flavored water, so I don't know what is better.

user banned California 36390 posts
Jan 26th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Barbara Evans.:</b>" google the master cleanse... i heard its really good"</blockquote> disgusting. I would not ever drink that....

I Stab People 3 kids; Zambia 6604 posts
Jan 26th '13

im doing a juicing fast this week if you want to join :) im starting tomorrow.