Possible misdiagnosis. idk. user banned
Jan 25th '13

My mom was "diagnosed" with emphysema almost 2 years ago. She ended up in the ER where they did an x-ray of her lungs. They came and told her it looked like she had the early stages of emphysema. The next week.she went to the free clinic (she has no insurance) where they didnt do any tests but just went off of what the ER said and diagnosed her. Well last month she ended up in the hospital for a few days. She again had more chest x-rays. A doctor came back and kept asking her "Are you SURE its emphysema? Could it be this or this or this maybe?" He kept asking her that because apparently her xrays came back CLEAR. Now seeing how it was diagnosed 2 years ago, would they have been able to see at least something by now?

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Jan 25th '13

Its definitely possible to be misdiagnosed. She really should get another opinion to be sure. My grandmas lung cancer was missed in a scan, they didnt do another for two years when it was too late.
Could she go to a different clinic possibly?

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Jan 25th '13

She has insurance finally and is getting the process started monday. When.she told me she had that I cried for days and suddenly memories of my mom were flashing before my eyes :( I realllyyy hope its not emphysema.