Dragon Queen TTC since Jul 2016; Salem, OR, United States 9939 posts
Jan 25th '13
Quoting *KatteyBug*:" Yeah that has been said the past two sundays at our church get together but I think she has selective ... [snip!] ... should she? He has been nothing but nice to her (which is hard because she pisses him off) And she just spits it in his face"

She doesn't have selective hearing. She's 16. That's the issue. I'd honestly bring it up to your parents. Expressing your discomfort and shining light upon her disrespect towards you and your husband by having somebody with authority (over her) to step in is probably the best thing to do.

Riley+Abby 2 kids; Toronto, Ontario 2423 posts
Jan 25th '13
Quoting *KatteyBug*:" He tries lol Normally he would have already given her what for and told her what he thought, but thankfully he's being nice and just not saying anything"

He's got a better temper than I do, that's for sure. I would've probably decked her by now. :D

I don't know if there's much you can do there...if you will pardon my language, there are times when b***hes will just be b***hes. I guess you just continue to deal with her, or just ignore her...I don't know what you can do beyond that. Tough place to be in, for sure.

KelseyLynn 1 child; Douglasville, Georgia 558 posts
Jan 26th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting *KatteyBug*:</b>" The funny thing is, before we moved in, it was ME she always had an attitude with. Now it just switched. ... [snip!] ... yeah, if it weren't for me being pregnant and hurting my mom's feelings, I might have punched her already. It's so rediculous"</blockquote>

Well thats just ridiculous then. Idk I would just ognore her and ask SO to ignore her to. Maybe she will get bored if she isn't getting attention. Im sorry :/