My b**b milk is coming back!!!! Lolalaloosh 1 child; Plymouth, United Kingdom 1649 posts
Jan 25th '13

Just had to share:
DD is 8 weeks and I BF'd her for the 1st week I then had to stop as we were having a traumatic time. Over the past 4 weeks I have been toying with maybe BFing again but didn't have the confidence to start. A week ago I gave it a shot but she HATES my nipples. I then tried n****e shields that were the same brand as her bottle so they were kind of the same shape and she took to them for about 20 mins per feed :) I then started producing about a teaspoon of milk from both breasts. Over the past few days I had lost motivation with it all but then got told about SNS which is a bottle with 2 silicone tubes coming from it that you tape to your n****e so baby can feed formula from your breast (amazing idea) but was so f**king fiddly that I through it across the room! But then about 20 mins ago I thought I'd give my b**b a squeeze to see if I had any milk and it squirted me in the face TWICE!!! :D So happy! I have a double electric pump in the post so even if DD won't take to my b**b I can build up my supply and express for her.
I'm so proud of meeee :)

Jax 3 kids; Sydney, NS, Australia 2888 posts
Jan 25th '13

Wow I had no idea that you could get your milk back....ESP after going 8 weeks without it.

SaraBelle 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Bentonville, AR, United States 1880 posts
Jan 25th '13

My brother's ex never breastfed and kept her milk for a year, it seriously pissed me off because I wanted to breastfeed and I dried up after 3 months. I never knew you could get it back though. Yay for you! :)

Lolalaloosh 1 child; Plymouth, United Kingdom 1649 posts
Jan 25th '13

Thanks :)
You can produce milk even if you have never produced any as this breastfeeding contraption I have that you tape to your b**bs is for adoptive mothers so they can BF and hopefully lactate. It doesn't work for everyone but if you have lactated before then you have more of a chance of relactating. There are breastfeeding peer supporters that can give you info on it if you contact your health visitor x