unpredictable periods ~*Navy Wife*~ Washington 3159 posts
Jan 25th '13

I wasn't sure where to post this.
Since having babies, my cycle seems to be getting shorter and shorter. I have my period and it lasts like 5-6 days. Then I have 1 day normal and the next day I'm ovulating. Then I get my period 2 weeks later. I used to be totally regular, every 30 to 31 days- always predictable. My youngest is almost 20 months old. Is this normal??? I'm starting to really get upset about my body and feel like I'm always moody/ pmsing and it really sucks! Does anyone else have this issue? Have you tried the birth control pill and did it help lengthen time between and get it more regular?? I'm not on any birth control now- my husband has been deployed for a year but he is coming home very very soon. I thought about getting an iud, but my husband and I don't really want to go that route due to infertility risk in the future and wanting to have more kids later. Anyways, any advice would be really appreciated. Sorry if TMI. It's super embarrassing for me.

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Jan 25th '13

mine have always been super irregular but when i was on the pill it made my periods go like clockwork....I loved it!

But Im not on it now bc we are TTC and it sucks bc it makes it hard to know when to try ya know!? Im def going back on the pill once we have our 1st together.

~*Navy Wife*~ Washington 3159 posts
Feb 1st '13
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