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Jan 24th '13

I'm not planning on trying anytime soon, but SO understands that with my health issues, I kind of want to be done with the whole pregnancy thing by the time I'm 25. I had a really hard pregnancy with DD, and actually ended up having a baby in a time in my life that really disadvantaged everyone involved because it wasn't planned.

I've never had a problem getting pregnant, but I do have a problem staying pregnant. I've had three miscarriages and a lot of chemicals pregnancies.

Basically, my questions are:

What are things I can do naturally to prepare my body when I am ready to conceive?

What are things that I can do now to make my chances of conceiving greater later?

If I haven't had an issue getting pregnant in the past, do I really need to start off with the whole charting thing, or can we just "go at it"? Lol.

I see a lot of terms used around the site in regards to TTC and a lot of different tests used to check fertility and all of that...can someone give me a run through of all of the terms and acronyms?

Also, I have a few personal things that we'd like to take care of before we start TTC. We decided that we want to marry first, which neither one of us are thinking too seriously about right NOW. I can see it happening in the next two years, though. We both need our own vehicle first, which is covered on my end. And before we start, we want to have at least six months worth of bills saved up, besides money saved to buy things for the new baby.

Are there any other things we should be considering? Like I said, this is something that is in the not-so-far future, but it's far enough. I have about three years worth of baby-making left before I'm absolutely done. Haha.

Also, what kinds of birth control can I take that wouldn't limit my fertility chances for later? I tried the Depo shot, and it ruined my body and made my fibro so much worse. =[ No one told me it was for women who are done having children. I also HATE pills, because they've always made my periods so much worse... I'm fine with just condoms, but I really don't know if that's a good long-term solution. Any thoughts on that?

Last thing, for the record, my health issues are:
Endometriosis (It's mild, but did give me issues with my pregnancy.)
Ovarian Cysts (My periods are really random and I can't really chart them. =[ )
Nutritional Deficiency (My body doesn't absorb vitamins easily.)


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Jan 24th '13

Since you are talking an a future but not near future I would start with the Nutritional Defiicancy. That could be a big reason for the misscarages. The prenatal vitamins help give your body the extra boost it needs. They say for woman trying to get pregnant to take it about 6months or so before. In your case you could try a year before..or talk to your doc about a way to get vitamins into your system..research prenatal vitamins with actual foods you eat..that should help. They also say with getting pregnant that by losing any kind of weight between 5 to 10 lbs will help your body strength and get ready for a pregnancy. Since charting would be difficult anyways, I wouldn't worry about that if or until you always start to show negative tests then it might be a good idea, unless you are planning on getting pregnant with in the first month of trying then you may want to chart.. I don't really know the terms so someone else will have to help you with that. I tried the pill after my second pregnancy and I didn't like it. We used condoms until my youngest daughter was over 2 years old and it worked fine for us..I hope some of this helps you.

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Jan 24th '13

Its not so easy for me to get pregnant either :( luckily all my miscarriages were basically chemical pregnancys. What Im doing this month that is different is Im taking a good prenatal vitamin with DHA and I did the clearblue ovulation test kit (20 tests) and we used pree seed lubricant during sex afterwards I would put a soft cup in. So I'll find out shortly if all this worked hopefully tomorrow although my period isn't due until the 30th.

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Jan 25th '13

Have to tried liquid vitamins? My body doesn't absorb vitamins easily either, liquid vitamins work for me though. As far as BC goes I'd try the nuvaring.

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Jan 26th '13

try water soluble vitamins. the fat soluble ones take the longest to absorb