easy food MamaKaytee Due April 7; Covington, Georgia 15 posts
Jan 23rd '13

i have the hardest time finding something quick, easy and healthy to make to eat. Anyone have any ideas?? anything with Fruit?

[♥]Mrs. Taylor 18 kids; Texas 12250 posts
Jan 23rd '13

I like to dip my fruit in vanilla yogurt. Or cut it up and put it in the yogurt.

Kimber's Mommy 1 child; South Carolina 4272 posts
Jan 23rd '13

i was going to suggest stir fry and brown rice. i looooove it. it doesn't take long to make and is very healthy. can be made with meat or vegetarian and is great either way.

has no fruit in it, but it's easy, cheap, fast and healthy :) lol