Sewing machine question *Mary Moon* 1 child; New York 3606 posts
Jan 21st '13

I want to get a cheap ($99 or so) beginner sewing machine when we get our tax return. I hand sew alot and love the idea of making clothes, I have tried to make my own stuff but my hands can't handle hand stitching hems and seams, especially since I am plus size and that's alot of stitches. Lol
Any recommendations? Tutorials, books, certain threads, a good but affordable machine to start on etc

user banned Due September 27 (girl); 4 kids; Nova Scotia 28962 posts
Jan 21st '13

Any machine from the box stores will suck and are not worth your money.
Go onto Kijiji or Craigs list and buy a used older one, and then take it to get serviced. A lot of people get rid of 'grandmas' old sewing machine not knowing what it's worth, and they work great.
Singers are the best (IMO )

LolaMcKitten Due May 30 (girl); 27 kids; Beverly Hills, California 15496 posts
Jan 21st '13

I was looking today and my mom (who does a lot of sewing on a huge price range of machines) recommended a Brother machine to me from walmart. She bought the same one recently (I think shes compulsive and just buys them, she has a really expensive Baby Lock, she didnt need it lol) she says its a really good machine for the money, but its around 150.00 or so. (HERE) I plan to get it with my tax return, I am new to sewing, too.

Naturally Alternative 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Lafayette, Louisiana 6978 posts
Jan 21st '13

I dunno, I got a cheap Singer from walmart for xmas 5 years ago and have had no problems with it.

I have this one: