losing baby weight *B & D Mommy* Due January 19; 2 kids; Illinois 16283 posts
Jan 21st '13

Okay seriously. Is there anyone else who isn't blessed with instantly going back to their perfect little bodies after having a baby? Just curious. I swear that every single person that I personally know is somehow lucky enough to get back to their great bodies back fast. I mean that is awesome they are lucky enough for that to happen. I'm just jealous because I have to work so damn hard for it and lately I feel like I'm getting nowhere. I wish I had their genes lol. Even everyone in my family is lucky enough to bounce right back. I'm just the odd one out. And not to mention that people always make little remarks about my weight. Like my mom and sister. Its like they don't mean it in a bad way...they just don't understand how it hurts when they mention my weight and how I look. Especially since I work so hard at changing it. Ugh..sorry that this is probably confusing. I just really needed to vent lol.

Misty Tarlton 5 kids; Fruita, Colorado 136 posts
Jan 21st '13

Ugh I know just what you mean, it's annoying I know. I am hoping for a miracle after I have this baby, but yes you are not alone!

None ya ;) 2 kids; Pennsylvania 10818 posts
Jan 21st '13

After my first LO I was one of those freaks lol. But after #2 it was not the case. I just recently lost 26 lbs and busted my ass to get here. I will never be able to wear a bikini ever again lol but at this point it's about being healthy...not a runway model.

m o m ♥ 2 kids; Ontario 7948 posts
Jan 21st '13

I did not go back to normal at all and had to work hard to get it off... I still was 15lbs over my pre pregnancy weight at 12 months pp. Eventually I got back to normal

and I know what you mean about the comments :roll: I'm trying hard not to over eat this pregnancy and my mom made a comment in front of everyone that I need to cut back and fast food....
Which I hardly even eat :(

user banned Iowa 1784 posts
Jan 21st '13

With my second and third I had to work my A$$ off. My first was the lucky 1st child card, and with my 4th I was sick (thyroid) so I hardly gained weight and lost the little amount I did right after I had him. I mean I walked out of the hospital in my pre pregnancy jeans. 4 days after I lost weight to much weight so I didn't fit in them. I just got comfy pants till I lost more. I have lost more and still continue to workout to be healthy again. I want to lose more but also don't mind not because I want more and everyone says I look great. But keep working girly!!!!! It WILL pay off and it is SOOOOO worth it.

*B & D Mommy* Due January 19; 2 kids; Illinois 16283 posts
Jan 21st '13

Thanks for the replies just gets frustrating lol. Ugh I will keep trying..and I hope to surprise everyone