wyatt.earp. Due September 19 (boy); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Columbus, GA, United States 2298 posts
Jan 21st '13

i went to go pee, and i wiped and there was a little blood. it gradually got heavier and heavier and i had some gnarly cramps. pretty much it! i bled for over a week but i was only 5 weeks pregnant!

taylllorrr Due August 12 (boy); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Cheyenne, WY, United States 1227 posts
Jan 22nd '13

At around 5w 4days had some spotting, that was bright red blood and it just contined you worsen.
the next day i started passing clots and went to the er and my levels were at a 5.

Jane.Doe. Fukushima, Japan 2805 posts
Jan 22nd '13
Quoting Syndal:" I'll go from how it started to how it ended Spotting... couple days later.. Spotting.. maybe a week ... [snip!] ... the sac and the baby must have been in there somewhere :[ Kept cramping for a few more hours and bleed for about a week or so."

O.O did you go to the dr after the major tissue/clot loss?

Cordelia's Mom 33 kids; Bakersfield, California 3685 posts
Jan 22nd '13
Quoting Mrs. Reynolds:" O.O did you go to the dr after the major tissue/clot loss?"

No. I was too upset and crying and it was like 8pm. I would have gone if it stayed bad but it lightened up. I knew what was happening and I knew there was no reason to go to the hospital to have them tell me what I already knew. I had a dr apt like 4 days after already scheduled so I just went to that.