How long would you wait before ☼ M Due November 25 (boy); Clearwater, 528 posts
Jan 21st '13

trying for another baby? I have serious baby fever but I've always wanted more kids... I just had DS in November so I'm not going to try for quite awhile, and I know they say to wait 2 years, but how long would/did you wait before TTC?

☆Mrs. Mathers☆ 3 kids; Greenway, OH, United States 26554 posts
Jan 21st '13

we waited 4 years before actually not trying to not get pregnant. i'm still's been over 2 years.

justwanttodelete Due July 23 (girl); Switzerland 1021 posts
Jan 21st '13

personally...we have decided to have another when DD is 4. I dont want two in diapers and i want her to have enough time being baby.

JJ+Steven&David 2 kids; 1 angel baby; ., MO, United States 11426 posts
Jan 21st '13

We talked about it when our son was a few months old (born end of August) and decided we wanted them close in age and hubby wanted to be done at 30 (turns 30 this July). So we came up with TTC by Summer. We got pregnant with this little guy right around the time my son turned 1 and he'll be here when my son is around 21 months old and also right before hubby turns 30!

After this guy we're done. I know I will hear the famous when are you going to try for a girl question, can't wait, lol.

~mama~ 4 kids; Susanville, CA, United States 1556 posts
Jan 21st '13

My doctor said I could wait one year between and have 20 kid and be fine lol so far my three are about 2 years apart, we will be ttc in August-September so we can have a Summer baby and then I'm getting my tubes tied.

LolaMcKitten Due May 30 (girl); 27 kids; Beverly Hills, California 15496 posts
Jan 21st '13

I would wait at least a year - you definitely want time to enjoy your son as a baby before adding another to the mix.

There will be 4 years between my older son and this baby and to be honest, I am kind of happy about it. He's at an age now where I can send him to play on his own for a while and stuff and it will give me more one on one time with the newb.

user banned 2 kids; Georgia 24891 posts
Jan 21st '13

We waited 6 months. We didn't expect it to happen on the first cycle, but it did. Our girls will be almost 16 months apart.
We wanted them to be close, we waited a long time before we started our family. I want to spend a few years at home and get back to work, I didn't want to spend too many years away from the work force.

roflcopterrr Arkansas 478 posts
Jan 21st '13

DH isn't DS' father but we started TTC back in November.
DS will be almost three and a half when this baby is born, DH's DD will be seven. I think that's a pretty good age difference between the three.