Hotdog recipes... SuperOvulator;♥ ;] Due August 19; 2 kids; North Carolina 10020 posts
Jan 19th '13

So.. my food stamps didn't come through yet this month, and we're really low on food. I have a pack of five hotdogs, and was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make five hotdogs filling for two adults and two three-year-olds.

user banned 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Indiana 75866 posts
Jan 19th '13

Have any mac n cheese?

Novelidea 2 kids; Louisiana 1217 posts
Jan 19th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Squeaky McGee [12 wks]:</b>" Have any mac n cheese?"</blockquote>

I would suggest this. You could throw in some veggies, too.

MWifey 3 kids; Longview, Texas 3459 posts
Jan 19th '13

mix it with any kind of veggies or mac and cheese.. maybe rice? idk

Always♥Faithful 2 kids; CHERRY POINT, North Carolina 21738 posts
Jan 19th '13

Chop them up, grill them with some seasoning, and add them to a dirty rice

Mrs.C+4.5 5 kids; 1 angel baby; Duncan, OK, United States 17731 posts
Jan 19th '13

Cut them up and add to eggs. My kids love them!

SuperOvulator;♥ ;] Due August 19; 2 kids; North Carolina 10020 posts
Jan 19th '13

I just found a crockput recipe with them :)
I think I might try it out.

Crazyhazel89 1 child; Erie, Pennsylvania 3994 posts
Jan 19th '13

yeah i've always used them in mac n cheese, rice, veggies, in the skillet with eggs like everyone else has said. one time I mixed them in with spinach dip (because we randomly had it)....i thought it was awesome.

I♡C&R. 2 kids; Collinsville, IL, United States 25576 posts
Jan 23rd '13

When all else fails, hot dogs and macaroni make an awesome meal. We chop up a few hot dogs and toss it in the macaroni. Wala! :)