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Jan 19th '13

I have a 6yo son (who isnt dh's) and I had 2 showers for him. My 13 mos son I had a shower also. I'm 33 weeks pregnant again, this time with a girl but we arent having a shower. Its kind of a bummer. I dont need presents, DH and I started buying things a couple months ago when no one had brought up a shower. So we dont need anything from anyone. But I really just enjoy getting together and celebrating each pregnancy with family. Getting to have the pictures and playing guessing games and such. I really wish we had done a gender reveal party now that I know we arent having a shower, that would have been really fun.

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Jan 19th '13
Quoting ℳommy to Kai♥:" Yeah my family and friends would buy a small gift even if I told them not to haha. I think that this time around, I will just throw a small get together with food and games. (:"

We are going to do a meet the baby party. It will still be nice out when he/she gets we'll do a BBQ, invite the fam and friends over, take a shit load of pictures and celebrate another amazing life we created.....whats not to celebrate right?

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Jan 19th '13

We had a "shower" for my second girl who was born 18 months after the first. We just asked people to bring infant necessities like body wash and stuff. Then we donated it to the pregnancy crisis center.

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Jan 19th '13

I think one per sex

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Jan 19th '13

We do baby showers for every kid. But we do it differently than here, we do it after the baby is born and in our family we do two parties.

The first one is very small, just to announce the birth of the baby. Usually done at about a week old. No one really brings gifts, we just have a dinner and everyone gets to meet the baby for the first time. We shave the head, announce the name, give charity for the baby (we slaughter a sheep and distribute the meat and pay the cash for the weight of the shaved hair) and usually on this day (in our country if it's a boy) is the day of circumcision too.

Then we have a very large party when the baby is about 3 months old and people bring gifts. We have anywhere from 50-100 people depending. Everyone brings gifts or cash.

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Jan 19th '13

I don't see a problem with having a shower for every baby. Every baby deserves brand new clothes and things. Every parent can use things like Diapers. It doesn't mean you have to buy mom a new crib or stroller, but a little toy or a box of diapers is always appreciated and useful.

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Jan 20th '13
Quoting Shannonsfirst:" I think every baby should be celebrated, I would never not give one of my kids something the other had. ... [snip!] ... But I dont do baby showers that are 'oh, buy me this'....its a lunch, games, prizes, celebrating the baby....not the gifts. "