Like any of these? MunchkinWrangler 4 kids; Rīga, Latvia 47032 posts
Jan 19th '13

Eliza, Amelia, Alina, Evelyn, Julia.

Zachary, Troy, Cameron, Elias, Julian, Dylan.

✰ Boo ✰ 2 kids; Texas 2670 posts
Jan 19th '13

Eliza or Dylan. Some of the others are too popular right now for my taste, but it's whatever you like really.

Sofie+#2 2 kids; Sheffield, So, United Kingdom 7799 posts
Jan 19th '13

I like Eliza, Evelyn and Julia.

And only really Julian from the boy list.

Tash+1 1 child; Canton, Ohio 7839 posts
Jan 19th '13

I like Eliza, Alina, Evelyn, Troy, Elias, and Julian.

Lindefrau 2 kids; Adelaide, SA, Australia 1172 posts
Jan 19th '13

Cannot say much the girls names, I do however adore Julian!
I wanted my little brother to be called Julian... unashamedly because I adored Julian Clary.

**mummyX3** 3 kids; Australia 1246 posts
Jan 19th '13

Evelyn and zachary are cute

Nicola =) 1 child; Huntsville, Alabama 2783 posts
Jan 19th '13

Love these... Eliza, Amelia, Evelyn, Julia.

And these... Zachary, Julian.

Megan+3 Due May 21 (boy); 2 kids; Ohio 1900 posts
Jan 19th '13

Zachary and Eliza best. I like Elias too.

Jenna Rae 2 kids; Wisconsin 607 posts
Jan 19th '13

I like all of them.

☠ Meg13 ☠ 2 kids; Kansas City, Missouri 13167 posts
Jan 19th '13

I like them all except Julia and Alina.

LolaMcKitten Due May 30 (girl); 27 kids; Beverly Hills, California 15496 posts
Jan 19th '13

That's a great list, any name off of there would be a nice pick, my personal favorites are Eliza, Alina and Julian.

Nancy Botwin. 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Hooker, 11409 posts
Jan 19th '13

I like Eliza and Julia for girls and Julian, Dylan and Elias for boys.
Dylan is crazy popular though :(

=^•^= NO, OD, France 36617 posts
Jan 19th '13

Julia and Julian. I do like Zachary, but prefer Zachariah.

Boobo&bugs 2 kids; Simpsonville, South Carolina 8124 posts
Jan 19th '13

I like Eliza and Evelyn I also love Julian.

OneTwoThreeFish 1 child; Missouri 1163 posts
Jan 20th '13

I'm -okay- with Julia and Eliza.
I like Zachary and Cameron. Dylan is okay.