Atlantis Rodriguez Due June 12 (girl); Franklin, Indiana 77 posts
Jan 19th '13

My ex use to use condoms to masterbate with he would get unlubrication condoms and would buy lubricant and put it on the inside of the condom.. he said it was an easier clean up... he could jusst be weird.. you best bet is to be open and honest with your man and just be straight up. Tell him you noticed it and dont bring up are you masterbating with them.. thats just give him a free excuse if he is doing anything wrong. i will say though if you ask him and you feel he is lying then make sure you watch the numbers on the condom per box each condom has the same number, my ex husband was a cheater and he would keep the same box of condoms and act like he wasn't using them when he was cheating but i noticed the numbers on each condom wasn't matching the number on the box and thats how I caught him.. Just try to give you man the benifit of the doubt until you talk to him. i would jump to bold conclusions because he just may be masterbating with them. It's rare that a guy does but some guys do and your man can just be one of the guys that does.. best of wishes to you

James Burner Japan 17 posts
Jan 19th '13

I HAVE actually masturbated with condoms before, for sex they are just a pain, but with Masturbation they actually make it quite a bit more pleasurable. Despite this there is definitely a question to be asked here, two actually one is, of course, Asking your husband about the disappearing condoms, and don't ask him if he is using them to masturbate, that is simply giving him an out in the question itself. Just ask him where they might have gone, see what he says, he could have given some to a friend, I have also done that many times, Obviously there is hardly enough in this post for US to see whether or not he is cheating, but if he answers you then that could help YOU to see where you need to take this, and feel free to message me if you have another question about his answer, or put it on here I'll track it to help in any way i can. :D. But also, If I may ask... WHY haven't you had sex in months and WHY is it such a rare occurrence for you? Because that might belie a larger problem in your relationship than condoms going missing.

KyliesMommy2012 Tokyo, Japan 1163 posts
Jan 19th '13

You could just be like "babe, I was cleaning the drawer out and the box of condoms fell out on the floor and it looked like there was a couple missing. I know we haven't had a chance to use them yet, do you know what happened to them?"

Just something casual. Don't ask if he used them to masturbate or gave some to a friend. Just makes it easy for him to use that as an excuse.

user banned Japan 131 posts
Jan 21st '13

Guy reply :)

I have used condoms in the past, on a few occasions to masturbate into. Firstly i like the tightness around my p***s - i have tried clingfilm too, and sellotape :) Second time i was curious to see how much longer the condom was than my p***s - several inches in fact - i guess its one size fits all. I had wondered why there was excessive length. But mostly just for fun/just because. Not often though/ Happy to answer questions :)