Giant Frozen Marbles notafullbagofsugar Due February 29 (twins); 4 kids; 2 angel babies; stoke, uk, United Kingdom 5370 posts
Jan 18th '13

the children will love it! In wintry temperatures, fill balloons with water and food colouring. When the water has frozen, remove the balloon and you have giant marbles!


user banned Vancouver, British Columbia 5643 posts
Jan 18th '13

I like that :)

BeginTheRomance Due July 21 (girl); 1 child; Rochester, New York 373 posts
Jan 18th '13
Quoting Nathaniel'sMom:" I like that :)"

Me too. :D

Viv ♥ 3 kids; ., TX, United States 15559 posts
Jan 18th '13

more like bowling balls lol
That's cute, but I'm grateful it's not cold enough for shiz like that here :P

tooodles 240 kids; Thailand 5075 posts
Jan 18th '13

Crap I should of done this yesterday. Its cold as f**k out today. My son would go ape shit for those

user banned Des Moines, Iowa 1848 posts
Jan 18th '13

I am so making these right now!