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Visit or not visit? Srdffsaw Due May 14 (girl); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Bunbury, WA, Australia 427 posts
Jan 16th '13

Well SO has been admitted to the mental health hospital and I went in and gave him some clothes and smokes yesterday afternoon. and I am supposed to be going back at 3pm today..

But I called this morning to see how he was going and when he answered the phone he was all grumpy and angry at me and he is blaming me for him being put in there and he doesnt want to be on medication. ( They are observing him for a day before doing any medication)
He says if they put him back on medication he will hate me and sheldon and never talk to us again.
When he started getting grumpy on the phone I just said I will see you at 3pm and he said dont bother visiting me I dont want to see anyone and then I said okay fine and then he hung up.

But I am just wondering do you think I should still go? If I don't go he might be mad I didnt? If you know what I mean?

Nicola =) 1 child; Huntsville, Alabama 2783 posts
Jan 16th '13

I wouldn't go today. If he meant it then you shouldn't go. And if he didn't mean it then maybe next time he will learn not to say something he doesn't mean.

Jays*Mama 2 kids; Michigan 5689 posts
Jan 16th '13

Personally i would give him space. He needs time to think and figure shit out for himself.

lolajessup 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Beaverton, Michigan 44076 posts
Jan 16th '13

It sounds like he's in a process of healing. The first thing is to be angry and blame others. I would still go because when I get that way with SO I say things i don't mean but in reality I just want him to wrap his arms around me and never let me go.