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Should I go to the hospital? Wife +& Mommy 34 kids; Missouri 359 posts
Jan 16th '13

I'm 5 mos PP and for the past 5 weeks I've had vaginal bleeding. Sometimes it's heavy, sometimes it's light spotting. I brought it up to my OB and she told me it's not technically unusual bleeding. She pretty much chalked it up to being an irregular period. Which I can't really argue with because I haven't had a "normal period" in almost 4 years. I've also been having problems urinating (going often, it feels urgent out of the blue, sometimes it feels like a spasm afterwards).

And now my new symptoms are this really sharp pain in my right side. Starting in my lower rib cage, down to my hip, in the front and back. I've also had a terrible headache since then. I haven't been able to get up without crying all day, I've been taking ibu 800mg every 6 hours or so and it's no help.

Should I go in to the ER tonight? Or should I try to wait it out?

Also do any of these symptoms sound like anything. I have no idea what it could be.


Bettinas Due August 14; 2 kids; Australia 2223 posts
Jan 16th '13

I'd go in because it sounds like you could possibly have a kidney infection :?

HopingforaMiracle 1 child; USA 23103 posts
Jan 16th '13

Sounds like an UTI or something like that with the urination problems and pain.

whitney ♥ ainsley 1 child; New Hampshire 16454 posts
Jan 16th '13

Possible Kidney infection, or maybe a kidney stone?

The Dandelion Rapist 18 kids; New Mexico 6885 posts
Jan 16th '13
Quoting Bettinas:" I'd go in because it sounds like you could possibly have a kidney infection :?"


Either infection or kidney stone.

Mama Kat ♥ 3 kids; NAPLES, ME, United States 9636 posts
Jan 16th '13

It could be multiple things and with that kind of pain, you really should be seen.