Gall bladder removal Mom2William&Michael 2 kids; 1 angel baby; New York 7600 posts
Jan 16th '13

If you've had yours out, how do you feel? Do you regret it? Any side effects?
I need mine out, no question. The attacks I get are severe and long lasting and the doctor is doing a test to see if my bile duct is being blocked because it's abnormally large. It's filled with stones and barely functioning. So I'm stuck.
But the internet has terrified me. All I'm coming across are people who have experienced massive weight gain, nothing but pain and nausea since, and an overall diminished quality of life. It's freaking me out really bad and I'm already terrified of the idea of surgery.

Blythe. 1 child; Indiana 23001 posts
Jan 16th '13

my aunt had it done and hasn't had any problems. She felt so much better after

Sydney Nic0le 1 child; Connecticut 90 posts
Jan 16th '13

I had mine done about 3 years ago and I am fine.

justanothamotha Due January 20; 130 kids; Climax, Michigan 5120 posts
Jan 16th '13

I see sooo many posts on BG talking about gall bladder issues (mine included) I feel like it needs it's own sticky in the health section. :/

I have decided to try to deal with mine via diet...and so far it's been okay....I just can't decide whether it should just come out or keep waiting until it has to come out.

Flag Due May 1; 1 child; Newmarket, Ontario 2004 posts
Jan 16th '13

SO had it done a few years ago. He went in at 8, was home by noon and went to work the next day.

The only side effect is that he has to watch what he eats a bit now.

Monsters² Mom Due August 16; 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Lemon, .., Yemen 5492 posts
Jan 16th '13

I got mine taken out in July of 2011 and honestly I'm so glad it is gone. I had about 10 - 15 attacks a week and I was in pain all of the time. I couldn't eat and just breathing hurt.
When I got mine taken out the surgery was not too bad at all honestly. I went in a 6am and was home by 9am. I was sore for a few days and had some trapped residual gas in my shoulder but that dissipated in about two days. When I had the gas pains I stupidly consulted google and found horror stories of people who had gas pains for years afterwards. Honestly STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE!

Also to be completely honest and yeah I'm aware this is TMI but you need to know. If you eat ANYTHING with excessive amounts of oil, fat or grease after your surgery you will experience dumping syndrome. Basically you have to get your ass to a toilet ASAP unless you want to poop your pants . . . and I have, twice because of it.

having my gallbladder out has helped me eat a healthier diet.

notafullbagofsugar Due February 29 (twins); 4 kids; 2 angel babies; stoke, uk, United Kingdom 5370 posts
Jan 16th '13

ive had mine done, i can eat what i did before but in moderation, yes i still get painful twinges if i eat any trigger foods but i prefer them to a full blown attack my only concern is i have had the sickness "bug" quite frequently since my surgery in august, im going for tests on the 29th to see if its related to the surgery or not

Momma +2 Girls 2 kids; Indiana 3612 posts
Jan 16th '13

Mine was removed in 2008. I havent had any complications from it at all. Im glad i had it removed. It only hurt for a week (i only took pain meds for 4 days)

Heather - Lewis' Mama =] Due January 14; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Marietta, GA, United States 725 posts
Jan 16th '13

I developed stones during pregnancy and it prevented me from eating any dairy, greasy, and so on. I had my gallbladder taken out two weeks after a csection. [back in 2010]


I have had no weight gain. That is probably due to people being able to eat those crappy things they couldn't eat before because it would cause an attack.

Life has not diminished for me. My recovery was a little rough, but I think that was just because I wasn't healed from my csection.

Some of the foods that would cause my attack will give me diharehha (sp?) sometimes, but my grandmother had hers out and never has problems. So everyone is a little different there.

If you have insurance that will cover it or you can afford it, I would say do it. If you are having to pull major strings, I would try dieting until you can't handle it anymore.

Mom2William&Michael 2 kids; 1 angel baby; New York 7600 posts
Jan 16th '13

Thanks everyone. Google has traumatized me. I can't eat shit now as it is; very few processed foods agree with me and the only red meat I can stomach is small amounts of lean steak. I can't eat any condiments, either. But I adore cheese and milk. :/