discharge-- tmi? Mrs. Curtis 1 child; Lompoc, California 1996 posts
Jan 15th '13

going to the bathroom today i realized i had heavy discharge and its like REALLY white.
i dont think ive ever had discharge that was so white. its normally clear. im used to the thickness change but never the color.

what would this mean? do i need to call the ob?

not really worried just confused. i also know that this is the most discharge ive ever had. i woke up from a nap and was so "wet" down there i almost thought i peed myself but it was mostly just that discharge.

no im not pregnant (that i know of, if i was id only be a few weeks, havnt missed a period yet)

......................... Oregon 14226 posts
Jan 15th '13

I think it could be normal, especially if it didn't smell.

But that's me. Often cervical fluid changes. And it goes from sticky, to cloudy and white, to clear and stretchy. So it probably could of been normal.

If you are worried and it smells, then definitely make an appt.

I think it's classified as lotiony? Gross, but yeah, that's a cervical fluid term.