6 hr nap. user banned
Jan 15th '13

DD usually naps 12-4 pm and today she slept from 10:30 am to.4:30pm I had to.wake her actually.

We have been sick and its wearing her out. She is still tired tho and I don't really want to let her sleep again till her usual bed time which is 8pm.

Poor baby had the stomach flu Sunday and is now teething as well. Her first tooth popped up yesterday.

I was thinking maybe her teething caused her fever and not eating on Sunday but she was throwing up and almost 24 hrs later I was throwing I know its the flu. Just hoping she feels better soon. Her fever is only 100 and hasn't gotten higher and did break for a few hours.

Just hoping the other two don't get sick.

Do anyways his do I tell if its her teething or her being sick that is causing the fever and.discomfort? She is not cranky and still a happy playful baby, even on Sunday when she was throwing up she was still all smiles.