mommysoonof 3 Due January 27 (girl); 2 kids; Wellsburg, New York 35 posts
Jan 15th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Sarah Beth Cline:</b>" Is everyones dr checkin for dilation yet?? Mine doesn't check till 38 weeks!!!! Which is nice to not ... [snip!] ... Which is nice to not feel violated haha but then I don't know of any progress which is kinda sucky. I wanna know somethin!!"</blockquote>

***mine still hasnt checked me i went to the hospital having contrions and they checked me i was 3 went to the dr. yesturday and they didnt check me even with me already dialating...i thought they wod

Lindsay J. 2 kids; Napoleon, Ohio 51 posts
Jan 15th '13

I will be 38 weeks tomorrow. I have a c section in 8 days n cant stand the waiting!! Im ready to be able to walk normal again and get up from sitting without help. I have constant headaches too, so Im ready for not only the rest of my body, but for my head to feel normal again! I know after I have her, when I look back at this time itll probably have gone pretty fast, but right now its just dragging.

Sarah Beth Cline 2 kids; Missouri 246 posts
Jan 15th '13

thats weird he didnt check you. I would of thought he would of. My dr says he doesn't so he doesn't disturb anything.

And awww girl your almost there. Good luck on your c section:) it always seems to go fast when its over

Clopton 3 kids; Tulsa, OK, United States 3278 posts
Jan 15th '13

My daughter is all the entertainment I need right now on top of cleaning, cooking, taking care of DD, last minute shopping for DS, and getting everything ready for baby boy. I'm also in charge of finances and our lease is up in April so I'm also in charge of all that stuff too. I'm a pretty busy stay at home mom and the beginning of this pregnancy went by fairly quick but time does seem to have slowed down quite a bit! I'm ready to meet my baby boy!