had my first soda since last year... SuperOvulator;♥ ;] Due August 19; 2 kids; North Carolina 10020 posts
Jan 15th '13


Seriously. I haven't had a soda since New Year's Eve, and let me just say, it is DISGUSTING. lol

I used to drink like, 3-5 sodas a day. And since New Year's Day, I've been drinking juice and water. Well, today, I had a craving for Pepsi, and BLEHHH not again, it tastes so awful now!

Thorian's Mommy Due May 6; TTC since Jan 2016; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Westbrook, ME, United States 8501 posts
Jan 15th '13

I stoped having soda the day i ound out i was pregnant. I had one an hour aftr i gave birth and OMG it was so good! :)

Bad Things Blacksburg, SC, United States 21466 posts
Jan 15th '13

I quit soda and after 6 days of not having one, I bought a 2 LT of diet coke.

I HATE diet coke, but I was craving coke soooo bad.

It was the best damn soda I ever had! lol.

*B & D Mommy* Due January 19; 2 kids; Illinois 16283 posts
Jan 15th '13

That is great! I never drink soda either. Well, I ended up buying a mountain dew a couple of weeks ago because I was COMPLETELY drained of energy and desperate to "wake up". I was seriously so sick to my stomach after drinking it. Thought for sure I was going to throw up.