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    • 1-3months -- Votes: 25
    • 4-6months -- Votes: 6
    • 7-9 months -- Votes: 2
    • 10-1year -- Votes: 3
    • longer -- Votes: 10
Loving my 3 princes Due September 9; 3 kids; victorville, CA, United States 192 posts
Jan 14th '13

Baby#1-less then a month cuz I found out in feb
Baby#2 im pregnant with now-less then a month cuz I found out in july.....4 years after the first, im super fertile

SluttyForHubby Due December 12; 51 kids; League City, Texas 1798 posts
Jan 14th '13

Bab #1- Surprise
2- 3 months of actively trying
3- 2 months
I am now pretty sure I'm pregnant with #4, had a light first response. My more a IUD came out a month ago.
Fertile Myrtle here.
Ive also had a few losses.

Amiyah Destiny's Mommy 17 kids; Raleigh, North Carolina 2106 posts
Jan 15th '13

With my daughter it took me a month after my first miscarriage to conceive , this time I miscarried December 17th and conceived literally right away because I'm pregnant again .

Emma+Abby+Logan+Charlotte 4 kids; Oregon 3628 posts
Jan 15th '13

#1-first try
#2- again first try
#3- six cycles in five month with one cp.
#4- surprise we weren't even trying.
I'm pretty fertile!! Good luck sending baby dust your way*******

Mutha. TTC since Jan 1995; 3830 posts
Jan 15th '13

1st we stopped using protection & I got pregnant a month later, but we weren't trying. I had a miscarriage & we started trying again right after & it took 3 months. This time I had an IUD, got it taken out & got pregnant 10-14 days later. lol Good luck!

katxo 18 kids; Florida 7270 posts
Jan 15th '13

Jesus Christ there are some fertile women in here. I feel bad for all the women trying for two years and nothing. TTCing sucks. It tooke me 11 1/2 months to get pregnant with my second. Wishin' you loads of baby dust OP

Their mama his wife Due November 4; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Puerto Rico 7090 posts
Jan 15th '13

its been 2 years and counting. We are pretty sure I'm not the issue tho

*TheMommaType* Due February 14 (girl); 3 kids; Ohio 2149 posts
Jan 15th '13

thanks everyone for the good wishes! Im surprised at the results though I thought the average would be 4-6 months instead.

SherryandMatt Due February 15 (boy); 2 kids; 6 angel babies; Arizona 4326 posts
Jan 15th '13

I'm totally shocked with the poll. DD took 7 years with the last two of them going through IVF with one loss. Been trying again without docs since my m/c in March. Good luck to you!! I'm super jealous of the fertile mommas... send some of it my way please!!! :)