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Jan 15th '13
Quoting Monkey Nuts:" If it was me, I would fight it. If you have a very good track record and history with ebay/pay pal.. you'll win."

Yeah my track record is great... I have gotten 4/5 stars on shipping before because the quote that USPS gave me online was more than what they actually charged so some people didnt like if I charged like, 12 shipping but it was actually 9. I cant help that though, because it all depends on where it is going and I try to be fair and estimate and sometimes I eat the loss because I can charge like 8 shipping but its 12. Thats ok though. Otherwise I have NEVER had a problem.

But this pisses me off... you know when someone makes a claim ebay tells you what you need to do? f**king ebay refunded the money already and the case was just opened. We told them to ship the item back and we haven't even had the item sent to us yet. So pissed off... its not a ton of money but its the principle of the matter!

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Jan 15th '13

My aunt sold some lady one of her Coach purses and the lady said it was completely dirty with chocolate stains in the inside. Well my aunt refunded her and I am now a proud owner of a free Coach purse, just got it today :P It's very clean so I don't know what the hell the woman's issue was.