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Jan 13th '13

Ehh I respond to the term dirty hippie to. I am not really a hippie in personality or style, but I am pretty damn crunchy >.< food, cleaning products, pretty much everything. Its just a preference.

ladyballs 2 kids; noneya, TX, United States 7047 posts
Jan 13th '13
Quoting Mommy of a giggler!:" So what about it do you love? There's got to be something lol"

It smells like the woods. My parents are total hippies and raised me outside mostly. Inside, my mom constantly burned patchouli to cover the pot smell i'm supposing and i have always loved the way the patchouli smelled when it burned. The oil, reminds me of living in the woods. I dunno, it just smells so good!

Jane.Doe. Fukushima, Japan 2805 posts
Jan 13th '13
Quoting Stevah:" I wear it constantly. I love patchouli, my friends - however, can't stand it. Some lady at work looked at me and asked me why i would want to smell disgusting."

Bish you know I will puke all over you if you wear that shit near me LOL How about you check out dragonsblood and sandalwood? See if those seem woodsy and earthy to you? I looove dragonsbloog ;) Then I won't mind making out with you anymore if you smell delicious baby