Ok, what? (Poop question) Erica Yutzy 1 child; Red Lake, Ontario 344 posts
Jan 13th '13

My baby's poops are regularly green and usually runny (so I've noticed lately - it's usually just mushy). My boyfriend just went through abad bout of gastroenteritis which passed on to my brother.
My LO pooped 3 times this morning (which isn't normal he goes once a day( and they were very runny. He has also been fussy.. No fever but he's been spitting up small amounts frequently.
So my first question: Is green poo normal? It's like the color of a broccoli head - just read that frequent green poops are not normal....
Second question: is it diarrhea if he pooped a couple more times and how often would he have to poopfor it to be considered diarrhea?

ChubbyCheekers 2 kids; New York 3117 posts
Jan 13th '13

Breastfed or formula?