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Jan 12th '13

Me and my So find out the sex of my lil peanut on February 1st. me and my SO already picked out a boys name Jacob Martin but we can't agree on a girls name. I really like Amelia he's starting to come around to i,. I however can't come up with a middle name for Amelia. I like Mae but he's not a big fan. Suggestions please.

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Jan 12th '13

Related names to Mae

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Jan 12th '13



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Jan 12th '13

Amelia is SOO cute!

Amelia Elizabeth
Amelia Kate
Amelia Rosalie
Amelia Vivienne
Amelia Violet
Amelia Estelle
Amelia Corrine
Amelia Elise
Amelia Lucille
Amelia Belle
Amelia Rowan
Amelia Claire