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Jan 12th '13

*please don't quote*

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Jan 12th '13

I totally know what you feel like, when my husband was deployed ( we got married June 2 he went to basic June 20 something then ait then deployment so we were newly weds that never really lived together till 2.5 yrs later) I was trying my hardest so I made this huge care package with a list I got offline of things soldiers needed walked to the post office with the huge box on top of daughters stroller and sent it, I was so proud of myself so later on when he finally called and told me he got it and I was like yeah, and he said well. I gave it all away I. Dint need any of that stuff! Needless to say I was super hurt but he def has gotten better with what he says these days lol men they are just dumb sometimes! Enjoy your little "treat" ;)