Bottles Tay L 1 child; St Paul, Minnesota 719 posts
Jan 12th '13

I have a 5 weeks old baby, I know this is where you post if you have a kid and I still have an infant, but I wanna ask a question to parents that know have kids who are using sippy cups or regular cups.

When your child was an infant, how many bottles did they use? I have over 20 bottles and he only uses like 5 right now (3 till I get more drop-ins for 2 of them). Will I really need all of these? (One of my friends got me a ton of bottles and says she has even more to give me, but I don't even know if he'll use the ones that I already have from her and others.)

Also when did your child start using sippy cups? Cause some of these bottles, the ones that similac sent me as a free gift, shows that can be turned into sippy cups, just need to get the piece with the handles.

[♥]Mrs. Taylor 18 kids; Texas 12250 posts
Jan 12th '13

I guess it depends on how often you wash them, and how often you are gone to the point where the baby would need more than one bottle while you're out.

We had about 5. As soon as she was done with the bottle, it got washed and sterilized and put back in the cabinet. The others were for while we were out and about.

SIL had a bunch because she would use different ones all day and then sterilize them at the end of the day.

heather718ky 2 kids; Elizabethtown, Kentucky 154 posts
Jan 12th '13

i had several i left a few at the baby sitters house and had some for home but if your friend is insisting on giving you more maybe you could get in touch with a womans abuse shelter and see if they could use the bottles because somtimes the women that end up there literally leave their house in the middle of night with nothing but what they can grab on the way out the door .

stinkypnts328 50 kids; New Jersey 20 posts
Jan 12th '13

I have about 20 bottles...just makes it easier for me with cleaning them. If you use liners, just buy extra nipples.

As for the sippy cups...all kids are daughter was using them at 6 mos. But my son is 9 mos and still won't suck on one...still on bottles.

Tay L 1 child; St Paul, Minnesota 719 posts
Jan 12th '13

I have 3 in my room right now, ready to be used when he's hungry and 17 in his room sitting on his changing table, plus there's some in a bag that I got from my aunt (idk how many). But most have long nipples and he uses shorter ones so he doesn't choke. I also have extra nipples and the piece that you put them through and then twist onto a bottle. (They don't fit on the bottles I'm using though, may fit some of the others I have)

Was trying to figure out if I would really need all them, or if I should try to give them to people who need bottles.