how to make ground beef go further?? jorrie Due January 28; 3 kids; Woodbridge, Virginia 1911 posts
Jan 10th '13

so i planned my dinner meals for the next 2 weeks and i have 4 dishes that call for ground beef. i normally use 2 pounds to feed the family (4 adults,3 children) and have a little left over. i read i can add beans to the meat but i don't know what kind.
the 4 meals i'm making are sloppy joes, cream of mushroom hamburger, hamburger curry and Korean beef

lilmzzgreeneyez *NMOA* 21 kids; Sherwood, Arkansas 17987 posts
Jan 10th '13

black beans and pinto beans go good in almost anything imo. lol

LumpySpacePrincess 2 kids; New Zealand 17060 posts
Jan 10th '13

Beans, mushrooms, grate up zuchinni and carrots in there and it makes more.

Kimber's Mommy 1 child; South Carolina 4272 posts
Jan 10th '13

stuffed peppers :)

lilsoph 2 kids; 1 angel baby; somewhere, MI, United States 4537 posts
Jan 10th '13

i have added oats before :)