RSV questions :( Mom2B&H 2 kids; Tennessee 2787 posts
Jan 10th '13

A little girl in the nursery at our church has RSV and pneumonia. She is on on oxygen and they suspect that she was "infected" with it sunday at church. She was sneezing and had a bad runny nose. (her mom was wiping her nose and then picking up toys, covering the little girls mouth when she sneezed but not washing her hands after ect) so they called the parents of the other kids in the nursery to watch out for symptoms.

I read it can take 4-6 days to show symptoms which would be saturday for DS. If for some reason he does have it, and me being 34 weeks pregnant, would I need to call my OBGYN and be checked as well? Anything I can do in the mean time just incase?

Also, i wash/keep hand sanitizer on DS's hands non stop so im hoping we may have been able to keep him from catching it.