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Jan 11th '13
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Jan 11th '13

Before the age of one, she would have infant cereal mixed with juice instead of formula or water, oatmeal, dry cereal, waffles with cream cheese or plain (cinnamin, blueberry, strawberry strudle, or chocolate chip waffles), french toast, pancakes, muffins, inside of a bagle, toast, yogurt, cottage cheese.
now for breakfast its about the same things, add scrambled eggs or hard boiled egg whites.
Lunch is chicken nuggets/fingers, tater tots (everything is baked, she doesnt get fried or fast food) cheese and turkey sandwiches, dry cereal, fruit, veggies, yogurt, sometimes ill just throw random finger food onto a plate and let her eat a bit of everything, cheese sandwich, grilled cheese, pizza (elios, english muffin, or a regular pizza for the both of us) pasta with sauce and cheese, gerber meals if i'm feeling lazy/there isnt much to eat.
Dinner is whatever we are having usually, unless she doesnt like it. Rice, perogies, pasta, and pizza are usually a once a week rotated dinner around here. I just got a new crock pot and I'll be making a lot more fancy dinners soon.