Worn Out OneTwoThreeFish 1 child; Missouri 1163 posts
Jan 9th '13

I'm coming up on entering my 34th week and have been battling to make it through the past one. I have to lay down after doing anything it pretty much feels like. And I have no motivation at all.

I had already told them I had a lot of trouble breathing. It feels like a major chore, my chest hurts so much, sometimes it gets so bad to the point I'm actually panicked as I can't seem to catch my breath. Even without doing anything. Also, there's the fact of my throat just keeps closing up. It feels swollen at all times, hurts to drink or eat anything. I had a cold about a month ago and this wasn't even going on then. I wake up a lot during the night and have to rush to the bathroom where I end up spitting up what looks like a small blood clot or something and trying to clear a path for air to get to me. It's awful.

They said it was due to his positioning and size and being this far along and not to worry petty much. But it's a bit hard not too.

Then add in just flat out worn out, even worse than back in my first trimester. I can't stay awake more than a few hours at a time which is one thing but there's getting so worn out from doing anything at all. If I get up from the couch to go like talk to my guy when he's in the bedroom playing video games I end up having to lay down on the bed and usually end up just passing out for awhile. I can't stand up in the shower for long. I have to sit on the floor or lean over the counter or table when microwaving something to eat.

God forbid I have to actually do something. Like small things for my job (never been more happy to work from home though!), or go shopping or visiting someone.

I don't think the breathing issues are helping anything. Or having a heater going and getting too hot too often plus lack of air circulation as my electric is all funky. So after trying to freeze my house out last night it was somewhat better but still yet... :(

Smokey_Taboo Due April 22; 1 child; California 5480 posts
Jan 9th '13

Do they think you have a really big baby?
Alot of what you explained sounds like normal end of pregnancy some of it sounds like the baby is resting right up on your rib cage.
Im sorry you are in so much pain....
Just another 6weeks
You can do it!

Barfy McVomitron Due July 19; 4 kids; Glen Burnie, Maryland 29256 posts
Jan 9th '13

I wish I had comforting words to tell you... I'm sorry. sounds like the normal end of pregnancy discomfort. im sorry.

Jamie Vincent-Nead 4 kids; Altoona, Pennsylvania 263 posts
Jan 9th '13

I too felt like you til my baby boy dropped some. Not being able to breathe right sucks. Now i just have to pee all the time but i'll take that over not being able to breathe anyday.

OneTwoThreeFish 1 child; Missouri 1163 posts
Jan 9th '13

Thank girls. :) I figured it's probably mostly all normal... just not happy about it all the same. Gah! I can deal with most of it, the lack of breathing is just a bit more than I've been prepared for. I start to panic and that does me no favors.

They said he's measuring right along schedule, seems to be all good on that, just he's in a really bad spot last time I was out there. Which is good news... sure... but at the same time was holding out hope for a miracle cure hhahaha!

Ah peeing all the time is not fun either. Trying to hold it yesterday for several hours while getting kicked in the bladder and poked in the side by a 9 ear old tring to tickle me was a struggle haha. But yes, bathroom runs are a lot easier than lack of breathing properly!