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~Manda Panda +3 1/2~ 16 kids; Arkansas 39074 posts
Jan 9th '13
Quoting queso +2curdles(18):" haha maybe... maybe not. Not exactly what I was thinking when I said that but maybe its in that sort of tone lol Regardless, I'd be the same way dude!"


♥Rach♥ 2 kids; Arizona 12877 posts
Jan 9th '13

I definitely see *something*. Nothing conclusive enough to call BFP, but I see something. So, my vote goes to squirrel.

SeeYouLater! Due February 13 (boy); 1 child; 1 angel baby; None, WA, United States 6621 posts
Jan 14th '13

I see the pink you're referring to as well but also not sold on BFP. You're my first post in a LONG time because I heart you. ;)