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Jan 8th '13

DH has been home all damn day and hasn't done one thing. Not one damn thing! He hasn't helped discipline the kids nor watch what they were doing. Then gets mad when they make a mess or sees that I am frustrated or pissy. I cooked dinner and got after the kids for sitting on the table. He doesn't/didn't do anything until he seen I was getting upset. Just now he asked why I was upset and said him that's all I said was him and he tells me "Did I know kiss your ass right" and now my children are asking if daddy kissed my ass and saying eww. I am so upset I had to walk away from and didn't even eat dinner. I am so sick and tired of being stressed out because he does nothing when the kids get home nor has been working. I am so tired of crying or walking away because he is being an ass. For once I want to be the "good guy" or the one who gets to play but I always have to be responsible and make sure things get done and everything. DH complains that he got the boring me as opposed to the me he saw when him and I weren't together (2 yrs ago we split up for a yr). I can't help it. When we weren't together I didn't have my kids every other weekend nor 2 days during the week so I had time to let my hair done and play or have fun and do whatever. I've tried explaining that but he doesn't seem to care. I am just so annoyed with him not doing anything! I am tired of always on the go and never shutting off then he wonders why I can't stop. I am a planner and like things to be done and try to be done with things so I can have a moment to relax. I'm tired of trying to explain myself when he doesn't f**king listen anyways. What happened to the guy that helped? What happened to the guy who tried and make my life a little less stressful? I am going to have a mental breakdown and end up depressed again and I don't want that. I want the guy I knew. Yes, during the day I get a chance to relax or chill but then it's time to get kids or something it is always something. He does nothing and I'm sick of it. I feel alone. I feel like I resent him. I feel like I am doing everything on my own. My kids yell for mommy all day and DH gets mad when they don't ask for his help and I tried explaining it's because I do whatever it is they ask/need/want I don't take 30 mins then do it. They know they can count on mommy to get things done. Yes, it's annoying but I love that they need me just wish DH would step in and say " let me finish stirring this/that for you while you help DD/DS" or "I can grab the snacks while you finish helping DS with homework" or "let me cook dinner tonight". I am starting to think maybe he is jealous or resents me or maybe he isn't happy with me anymore.

Thanks for listening