need a little help Princess Hayley Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom 34 posts
Jan 8th '13

i took a pregnancy test 5 days before i was due my period but it was negative, i already have two boys and when i tested with them it was both lyk a week before my period, my period is due tomorrow but usually i have a niggling abhe in my fallopien tubes when am like 2-3dsays away but this time nothing,
every now and then i will get like a little shooting pain through my b**bs and it will go ( my b**bs dont hurt) i have a strong annoying ache that comes every now and then in my groin and sometimes into my leg , for the last few dats av had bad back ache at the bottom of my right side that hasnt gone away, i got up from a nap not long ago and started to feel a bit lightheaded and thestrangest thing is (sorry tmi)right near my peariod and when on my period i am always abit wet down there but for the ast 2weeks nothing
can anyone help much appreciated

♥ Mrs. S ♥ Due September 20; 2 kids; Venezuela 13673 posts
Jan 8th '13

I would wait a few days and test again.