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Jan 7th '13

Been awhile since I've been on here. Almost 2 years. But I find myself back again! This time, I'm TTC starting this month. It took awhile to convince hubby for one more before I got too old (har har), I know complications are crazy whenever I'm pregnant and we've had such heartache. I'm looking for some advice, I suppose.

First off, I'm a big girl and have been eating healthy recently, trying to up my chances of having another baby. Secondly, I'm a smoker and pray to God that I can quit!! Third of all, I have PCOS. How can increase my chances of getting pregnant? I've been on Metformin before (lost pregnancy), I'm scared to ask my doctor for some this time around. What are some of the things you ladies are trying? Has anything helped in the past? I know I'm not going on TTC for 1 or 2 years like some of you powerful women, but I'm starting to feel panicky. I want to have just one more before I reach 35...