Tubal Ligation Questions? Two Princesses 2 kids; Los Angeles, CA, United States 7205 posts
Jan 7th '13

I am planning to talk to my OB today about getting a Tubal Ligation done after my c-section.
I have my reasons. I know it can be reversed someday if I really wanted but I am certain I won't.
I've researched and am pretty sure my primary insurance Blue Cross PPO will cover some of the cost, but not sure about my secondary insurance Medi-Cal paying the rest like they do for most things.
What questions should I ask my OB besides
cost and rbout recovery?
If you have had one, what was it like? Has it been effective thus far?
ETA: If my insurance will not pay, I am willing to pay out of pocket. Have even found a place in LA that will do it.
If I have to do that, how much can I expect to pay, and will they be cutting me open to do it? I thought while my OB was already cutting me open for my c-section it would be a good time to have it done.

TheyCallMeMOMMY♥ 3 kids; Albuquerque, New Mexico 6825 posts
Jan 7th '13

I have blue cross PPO too, I didnt even think to see if they would cover a tubal. Damn it!
But Ive talked to my doc with my last pregnancy, he said if you want a tubal they will do it during the c-section. No need for two surgeries. My doc told me he would cut my tubes off, not tie them. Im sure how all docs do it though. After I have this one Im getting it done FOR SURE!

Devil Duckie 3 kids; New York 48700 posts
Jan 7th '13

I would call your insurance and ask they price questions.

I was absolutely sure I was done when I had my second. I had one each and was very happy. 2 years later, that bug hit and it hit hard. It took me 2 years to convince my husband and I'm so thankful neither of us got around to getting fixed.

We're expecting baby Oliver in May.

Two Princesses 2 kids; Los Angeles, CA, United States 7205 posts
Jan 7th '13

My OB has agreed to do it for free during the c-section. Yay!

Thank you ladies. :)