induction question *frisky2times* Due August 27 (girl); 3 kids; El Paso, TX, United States 2835 posts
Jan 7th '13

Ok so i have to call labor and delivery at 5:30 am tomorrow morning and they are supposed to tell me when to come in. Has anybody had to do this and do they like set up an appointment or just tell me to come in?

Im sad that im probably not going to go into labor on my own :( but i have tried everything and i get really good signs of labor but then nothing. So I am relieved that hopefully tomorrow will be the day and ill get to finally meet my baby :)

Tweakrachie 84 kids; Australia 846 posts
Jan 7th '13

I went 9 days over with my daughter and finally went into labour, if a induction is the best option then maybe it's for the best.

hobbit* 3 kids; New Zealand 44783 posts
Jan 7th '13

Oh you poor thing being so overdue! Yay baby time tomorrow hope all goes well :)

!!Katie!! 1 child; Tennessee 2794 posts
Jan 7th '13

I was supposed to be induced...they told me I needed to call at 5am and they would tell me to "come on over" as long as they weren't full. The way it works here, is they'll take you anytime, as long as the rooms aren't full with women already in labor, or emergency's.

Labor dust! And keep talking to that Dr. told me there was no way he was coming on his own ( I wasn't late, but I had a medical issue) and the DAY I signed the papers to be induced , my water broke on it's own. I had been rubbing my tummy and asking him to "Pleeaasse come out" on his own LOL

Either way, you'll meet your baby tomorrow! Good luck!!

*frisky2times* Due August 27 (girl); 3 kids; El Paso, TX, United States 2835 posts
Jan 7th '13

Thanks ladies! I hope it goes :)