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Jun 11th '08
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Jun 11th '08
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Nov 18th '10

Just to share my experiences... As a child i was brought up in a very closed household due to my father's beliefs, women could see each other and the males could see each other but never see the opposite... however, my step-father was brought into a very open household... he is now over 40 and is not uncomfortable in anyway about nakedness around family, he sleeps naked and when at his parents house he will quite happily walk to the toilet naked... i am very proud of the way his parents brought him up as i feel this is how life should be, family should not feel uncomfortable about the nakedness that happens in their own home. When my step-father moved into my mums house when i lived there, at first i was uncomfortable and would make sure i was fully dressed before leaving my bedroom etc. but after a while i got comfortable and finally understood the concept of there being no sexual relevance in a family household and that naked family members wasn't something to be uncomfortable or embarrassed by, i felt comfortable walking around with just a t-shirt and my female boxers on. My mother is disabled and is 44, i am 19, to this day i still help her get dressed if she needs it, i do not feel at all uncomfortable with female relatives and male relatives i am comfortable with as long as they are wearing underwear over the age of around 8-9 (i look after my friends 3 boys who are just like brothers, the eldest is 12 and i would never dream of seeing him without underwear as i would feel weird but the next one down is 8 and i feel relatively comfortable if he walks around without clothes as there is absolutely no sexual relevance). I will bathe with my son until either he or i become uncomfortable with it. I believe that it is all to do with comfort. My son will know that men and women are different and his father will be helping his toilet training by showing him how men 'go' when he is tall enough to stand up to go to the toilet.

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Nov 19th '10

My Take on co-bathing.. i think it should be stopped if either party is uncomfable.. my daughter gets upset if i dont bath with her we have done it since she was a baby and at 3 she loves it still.. she points out body parts.. and ii will let her do it up until she tells me she no longer wants to bath with me..

i used to be ashamed of co bathing and wore a bathing suit when i realized there was nothing wrong with sitting naked in a bathtub with my little girl.. and shes a good back washer ;)

i dont walk around my house naked.. even if i dont hav a top on i use my arm to cover up.. and i would never let a father do it..And if Kaylee ever had unsupervised visitation with her father i would be beyond livid if i found out his wife or fiancee or girlfriend ever bathed with my child or was naked around her.. i would even call the cops to see what they say

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Mar 6th '13

I'm gonna come right out and say it; bathing with your kids is WEIRD. I don't care about what any of you people say. It's not normal. There's no reason for your kids to see you or any other adult naked. If they're gonna see naked adults, you might as well let them watch p**n. I'm sure that's perfectly normal too. My stepdaughter told me her mother showers with her and I was disgusted. She doesn't need to see her mom's b**bs and crotch. When she's old enough to see b**bs and pubic hair, she'll have them and she can see her own. I'm sorry, this is something I feel VERY strongly about.

Pertaining to your situation, I would suggest not showering with the kids.