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Katie[ღ]Siℓas 17 kids; Grand Haven, Michigan 2071 posts
Jan 10th '13
Quoting TheNuge:" this made me chuckle. The Lumineers are a cool band. You mean dental veneers. and yes, they are awesome."

Haha I knew it was some kind of "neers" :P My teeth are awful I definitely need something done with them but my insurance sucks and I can't afford dental work :? Guess I'll have to hope I win the lottery or something.

Oya. 81 kids; Hollywood, Florida 25195 posts
Jan 10th '13
Quoting j.Rileys mommy:" and there was a cosmetic surgery you wanted would you get it done? Also Would you tell people about it? (if they didnt know you before hand) What would it be??"

i would get a brazilian butt lift and probably a breat lift. and a tummy tuck. and you DAMN RIGHT i would tell everyone about it!!!!!

Derp Camp Lejeune, NC, United States 11615 posts
Jan 10th '13

Yes! I would get my nose done in a heartbeat. My husband is VERY opposed to this but we will have more than enough money to do it soon enough. I'll talk to him about it again. I try to put myself in his shoes and honestly I would be upset if he wanted to change his appearance too but if he really wanted it I would be okay.

Fortunately my nose isn't huge to begin with--it just has slightly large profile--so people probably wouldn't even notice I had anything done to begin with. I wouldn't go all Michael Jackson on it so yeah.



nutmeg. California 22281 posts
Jan 10th '13

Well the only surgery I want atm is a breast augmentation. In terms of cosmetic surgery prices, it's pretty affordable but y husband isnt a fan of the idea, which is the reason I'm not getting it (for the time being!)

~*~Modern*Day*Delilah~*~ 17 kids; Connecticut 15826 posts
Jan 10th '13

Hell Yes! Breast & Butt implants, liposuction on thighs, stomach. Lip injections, nose job, veneers, vaginoplasty, etc. :D

Vivialopod 2 kids; Vantaa, Finland 42788 posts
Jan 11th '13

No. I want a reduction but the surgery and the recovery scare the shit out of me.