I need a lot of luck whitney ♥ ainsley 1 child; New Hampshire 16454 posts
Jan 5th '13

I start my new job at a friends restaurant this week, and have an interview for a serving job at the end of the week.
My job is way too stressful, and it's been taking a huge toll on me, so I need to leave. I'll miss my residents, but dealing with my boss isn't even worth it.

Wish me luck, because I need it!

electrichoney 1 child; Ontario 6456 posts
Jan 5th '13

Good luck.
I wish you all the best !!

user banned 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Indiana 75866 posts
Jan 5th '13

Good luck! I hope you're happier at the new job!

Little G's Mama Due September 14; 2 kids; Pennsylvania 6165 posts
Jan 5th '13

wish ya lotsa luck, but you won't need it :)