feel terrible (vent about my stupidity) That Girl. 2 kids; Florida 4109 posts
Jan 5th '13

So I was at my moms late with the kids. Forgot emilies soy formula at moms.. well I was going to convince dh to drive there and get it. But he suggested For the night we can use the similac sensitive formula and go un the morning. I said okay which was dumb. She threw up everything she hd in her poor belly. Lesson learned. I didn't think it'd be that extreme, and wasn't completely 100 % sure she even really needed to be on soy. I told the pedi in the hospital that she would spit up every feeding, and her tummy was getting hard. Didn't ask any questions or check her out closely so I felt he was jumping the gun on putting her on isomil... I was wrong.

Lisa Holdridge Due April 2 (girl); 2 kids; Derby, United Kingdom 175 posts
Jan 5th '13

Oh well don't beat yourself up about it. Now you know :)