Could this be colic? Mom2William&Michael 2 kids; 1 angel baby; New York 7600 posts
Jan 5th '13

So LO is going to be five weeks old on Sunday and for the last four or five days gets fussy from about midnight to one. He's not wailing and he isn't totally inconsolable, either, though nothing keeps him very happy for too long. I'm just curious if this would be considered colic. My first had a horrific case of colic and this is a breeze compared to it.

HeatherT82 Due April 2 (girl); 3 kids; Texas 23 posts
Jan 5th '13

If the baby is crying around the same time every night, its probably colic. My first child was EXTREMELY colicy and my second had really bad acid reflux. But with my son it was just after he ate, he would projectile vomit and my daughter was crying from 8am to 11am everyday. After trying EVERYTHING imaginable from changing formulas to prescriptions, my step brother suggested we take her to the chiropractor. I thought he was insane but he said people do alot where he lived (Las Vegas). So I scheduled an appointment and thought what the heck, its been 3 months of this. 21 hours a week of crying. I was anxiously wondering what he was going to do to her. But he put her on her belly, rubbed her back and used his thumb to apply small amount of pressure in a few places and she never had another crying episode again. The chiropractor said he had done it on babies as young as 6 weeks old.