Just a little vent. KatieJoAnn 1 child; Cedar Rapids, IA, United States 111 posts
Jan 4th '13

Soo, I'm 38 weeks & 1 day. I had my baby appt yesterday, and I haven't gained any weight. I've gained about 4-5 pounds my entire pregnancy, but my OB thinks he's probably around 7 pounds. He also thinks that he hasn't quite dropped yet. Which is frustrating to me, because when he moves he can feel really low. And like if I'm laying down and get up & start walking real quick I cramp. Or after I pee (which usually happens more at night) I cramp, and sometimes to the point where if I'm sitting, wait to get up. Or if I'm walking, I hunch over and stop. Sounds like contractions, yeah I know. But it's so annoying right after I pee. The other thing that is irritating me, I don't seem to be having "regular" contractions. Like some days it seems that I don't get them at all or maybe like twice... My OB made me stop working on Sunday because I'm so close to my due date and I had some problems back in Nov. I don't know, I'm so ready for him to be here, and me not working, just makes time drag. I can't just go do whatever during the day because I don't have a vehicle and my boyfriend works all day. Almost every day... Just from that sounds of what my OB said yesterday, it sounds like I'm going to go past my due date which is quite frustrating for me. But I guess it's whatever...

Irish Twins Mama ♥ 2 kids; Iowa 2147 posts
Jan 4th '13

Your OB can predict that, but there's no way of knowing. A lot of people just go into labor within hours. I had regular contractions for two weeks before I was induced. Keep that in mind and stay happy! He's gonna be here SO soon. And he'll be perfect and everything will be right. (: