Exersize after c-secition. {Shelly} 3 kids; 1 angel baby; London, United Kingdom 7123 posts
Jan 4th '13

This may be a silly question! But, it's been 3months since I had a c-section, my question is can I do exersizes like sits ups and stuff? I never got told anything about exersize after and when I can start. I'm assuming it's all healed on the inside? lol!
I've felt great since a week after I had it but I'm still petrified of popping it open! haha I'm pretty sure that wont happen 3 months on I just wanna check before I start trying tone this mess us! lol.

also What other exersizes are good for helping the belly? :) x

GlitterGirl_Xo 2 kids; Virginia 2353 posts
Jan 4th '13

If you feel ok I would say yes. You just have to listen to your body. That's what my doctor told me. When it starts to hurt back off a little. I started doing zumba 6 weeks after mine and it is pretty intense. I had to slow it down a few times and take a few breaks because I felt a little pain at the incision site.

♥Mj&Daryl♥ (boy); 2 kids; Spokane, Washington 2392 posts
Jan 4th '13

I started Mama wants her body back program around 6 months PP to cut muscles time to heal as well (as my doc recommended).

At 3 months I was still just walking a lot

{Shelly} 3 kids; 1 angel baby; London, United Kingdom 7123 posts
Jan 4th '13

aw thank you ladies. I'll ease myself into it and see how I feel! :) xx